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There are lots of websites that are popping up everyday in the world of social media and the internet. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be found here. There are separate platforms for photo and video sharing, different platforms for idea sharing, etc. All these are too beneficial in their domains. This is why knowing the 6 best websites that every professional should have a good profile to get technical work has become quite confusing, no result giving and sometimes even terrible and difficult as well.

Here, we are talking about 6 best and highly recognized websites that covers almost all the professions and that you should have profile on to showcase your engagement to the world to your employers. In today’s world we all want to good or alteast satisfying job but very few of us are actually on the right track to do so. So check the list below to learn why you have account on these sites.

1. Stack Overflow

stack-overflow- techohit

Stack overflow is the name and place for programmers. The world of computers is growing and so is the need for programmers. Hence, this is great for all programmers to make a profile here, learn, and share their knowledge to advance in this field well.

2. Quora


Quora is the wonderful website to show your skills to the world. I think this is the best after stack overflow. In stack overflow you solves problems of others but here you truly tell people that you know. Now only this but you also free to show what type of person you are because Quora is not bound with particular sector so you can choose any topic to discuss about like  politics, art, engineering, life etc. You should have account on it.

3. Linked In

linkedin- techohit

There are a lot of employers here who constantly seek good CVs to hire. Hence, make a good profile here and add all your skills, schools, degree etc here to get hired perfectly. You can contact employer directly or you can send your resume directly to the companies.

4. Wiki How

wiki-how- techohit

Knowing how about everything is truly important. It makes you do things in a better way with greater understanding. Wiki how has their onw readers and a different pattern to show what you know. Its easy to start working on it.

5. Twitter

twitter- techohit

Twitter increases the reflection that you have on anything. It helps to know your life’s ways. This is why a good Twitter profile is necessary to know additional information that many employers want to know of.

6. YouTube

youtube- techohit

You Tube is the most widely known platforms for sharing any video, or getting to have information about anything at all. Having an account here means you are an informative and up to date person and you can get knowledge of anything that you are assigned at anytime anyhow. This increases your credibility which is why having a profile here is important. Also its completely a different platform so having a 1000 subscribers can increase your importance in your resume.

Now that you know the 6 best websites that every professional should have a good profile to get technical work make sure your next step is to make a good profile on all these and get familiar with them as soon as possible.. So make sure you don’t lose any opportunity and get started right away. This is not the complete list, but the proven one. We are updating for more. Make sure you reap all the benefits by implementing all of these in your website well. If you want to add more sites, contact us. To get updated list of it please dont forget to subscribe us and Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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