7 Best WordPress Plugins that you can avoid even if you want to. Yes you read right, These have become essential part of your wordpress website. WordPress.org has more than 40,000 plugins to improve a website’s functionality. But you should always choose the best plugins to enhance your site & its experience.
It will help you to manage your WordPress site easily, and more users will engage with your content after delivering a better experience. From the repository of more than 40,000 plugins, these are the best plugins for your WordPress website that you must use:

1. Yoast

wordpress plugin yoast - techohit

SEO is the heart of blogging as it helps in ranking websites higher in Google search. The content you write should be SEO optimized. Yoast SEO is the best plugin for this. Yoast SEO helps to write an article with a focused keyword. It will also let you know the readability of a post. Yoast SEO also manages snippets. You can set different snippets for Google, Facebook, and Twitter according to your need. That is why Yoast SEO is the best plugin for a website.


2. Akismet

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Do you have a post that went viral on the internet? Spam comments will ruin the party if you haven’t installed Akismet. It is the best plugin to manage comments. Akismet automatically detects Spam comments and helps you in focusing on the website instead of managing comments all the time. Don’t worry about Spam if you are using Akismet.


3. W3 Total Cache

wordpress plugin we-total-cache techohit

Site Speed is one of the most important things that Google consider while ranking a website. It also influences your viewers to visit your site again and again. Nobody wants a slow internet site. Viewers don’t wait for your site to load; they will switch to the other immediately. So that’s why W3 Total Cache is the best plugin to make websites faster. Do you have a slow site?

Don’t worry; W3 Total Cache is here to help you. It not only optimizes the performance of your site but also compresses the pages for quick downloads and speed. W3 Total Cache will help you to reach your goal.

4. SEO Friendly images

wordpress plugin seo-frendly-image techohit

SEO is the heart of blogging. If your website is not SEO friendly, then Google will not rank it higher in search results. Images also play a significant role in SEO. There is more than just inserting images in your blog posts. This plugin allows you to add title and alt attributes to images so that your site can rank higher in Google.


4. Google Analytics for WP

wordpress plugin google-analytic- techohit

Google’s Analytics is the most powerful & free tool for bloggers. It helps a lot, especially in marketing. Knowing stats of your website without leaving WordPress is much more convenient than to log in separately. Google Analytics for WordPress shows analytics in the WordPress dashboard. There is no need to leave your site & log into another to see traffic stats of your website. Just install this plugin and see stats including real-time traffic right in WordPress dashboard.

6. Backup Buddy

bwordpress plugin ackup-buddy- techohit

Taking a backup is wise and satisfying. Backup Buddy is your best friend here. You can set automatic backups and store them in the cloud. You must install this plugin if you want to prevent data loss.


6. Sucuri

wordpress plugin sucuri techohit

Nothing is safe from hackers. Any website can be hacked. But it is better to take precautionary measures. Sucuri is the plugin that can be used to monitor sites. It offers real-time alerts, website security scanner, and malware removal service. Don’t be lazy about your site security.


Hence,  above these WordPress plugins are plugin that you can not afford and you have to use them. You can find their alternative but they are the best in their category. This is not the complete list, but the proven one. We are updating for more. Make sure you reap all the benefits by implementing all of these in your website well. If you want to add more Plugins, contact us. To get updated list of it please dont forget to subscribe us and Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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