If you are going to start a website or blog, then you will need a great domain name. Many people make mistakes by choosing long, unattractive, copyrighted and hyphen included domain names. You should not make these mistakes as it will affect your SEO and brand image. If you are having issues in choosing a perfect name, then you should try domain name generators that are available for free. Here are best free domains to generate name for your next domain:

1. Name Mesh

name-mesh techohit

One of the best domain name generators is Name Mesh as you don’t need any complicated settings to tweak. Name Mesh allows you to generate domain name simplest way possible. Just type a keyword of your desire and get related results on the go. For Example, I want a domain name for a tech website then I will try keyword “Tech” for my domain. Name Mesh will take care of the rest by showing me available and related domain names. It shows domain names under “common”, “new”, “similar”, “fun” and “short” headings.


2. Lean Domain Search

lean-search-domain techohit

This domain name generator is also ranked as one of the best on the web. Just like Name Mesh, this tool is also simple. Just search a keyword, and you will see a lot of domain names. You can also sort them by popularity, alphabetically or length. It can also show more focused results using search term filter.


3. Bust a Name

bust-a-name techohit

This tool might not look so cool like Name Mesh or others, but it is full of features that other tools don’t have. Don’t confuse design with its ability to search great domain names for you. It can generate domain names using prefixes, suffixes, hyphens, and plurals. You can also search for domains by dropping the last vowel of a word.


4. Domain Puzzler

domain-pluzer techohit

This domain generator tool is for people who want a simple interface that functions like other tools. If you are one of those people, then this is for you. You can search domains by typing a bunch of words and setting extension. For more advanced options, you can try “Advanced” tab there.


4.Business name generator by Shopify

sopify techohit

Shopify offers many free services, and this business name generator is one of them. There is nothing more than any other plugin, but it is one of the quickest and easy to use tool available.


6. DomainsBot

domain-boot techohit

The reason that DomainsBot shines is that it will notify the expiring date of a particular domain. It allows you to track a domain name that is owned by someone else and s going to expire so that you can claim it in time.


7. Name Station

name-station techohit

You might think that this tool is same just like others. But Name Station is different from others in one way. It’s more than a domain name generator. Name Station is a community where you can search for domain names, host a contest and also crowd source suggestions. Creative people of this community will help you in selecting a great domain name.


8. Panabee

panabee techohit

Panabee is another domain name generator that helps you in selecting domains. But it has some additional features as well. Panabee will show related terms of your original search. It also checks social media usernames on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram for you.


9. Dot-o-Motor

dot-o-motor techohit

This tool works reasonably. You can start by making a list of beginning and ending words. After that, click on the “Combine” button, and you will get your results. Mobile App for is what makes this tool unique from others. You can generate domain names on Mobile as well.


This is not the complete list. We are updating for more. If you want to add more sites, contact us. To get updated list of it please dont forget to subscribe us and Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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