The thing of things INTERNET is having a very vast domain. Many of us are just aware about some popular websites which are of daily use.  Apart from this majority of us are concentrated to social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. It can’t always be that whenever on internet you always are productive. What about those times when you just want to surf the internet aimlessly? What if one day after surfing all these sites you still get bored?   Here we present a list of websites that help you in wasting your precious time on internet.

1. Super cook

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If you still want to surf the internet in a semi-productive way, the do surf the site SUPERCOOK.  As the name suggest it’s a website related to cooking but quite different from the traditional cooking websites. Here’s how it works: You fill in the gaps provided that which all ingredients are present in your house. Then it gives you a big list of recipes you can make using just those ingredients. It’s a fun way to stay thrifty, clean out the fridge, and make sure food doesn’t go to waste.

2. Sense-Lang's Balloon Typing Game

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Adding to the list of websites that help in wasting time on internet is Sense-Lang’s Balloon Typing Game. There are a lot of typing games out there on internet, but Sense-Lang’s Balloon Typing Game is one of the simplest and the most addictive. Small balloons with letters inscribed on them float on your screen and your job is to burst/poke them by hitting/pressing/clicking the right key on the keyboard before they reach the bottom.

3. Giphy

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The third website that can be used to waste time on internet is Giphy. Apparently seeing the name some guess can be made. Yes, that’s right Giphy is a GIF creator. Just type in the word or emotion for which you are searching GIF and here you have the perfect GIF’s. This site comprises a huge database for all kinds of GIF’s. You can just stop at the first one or continue your never ending search.

4. Weave Silk

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Another fun loving and addictive site that helps in wasting time on internet is Weave Silk. One can create or draw stunning and beautiful symmetrical images with the help of your mouse. Just click, click and click and here you are beautiful abstract and symmetrical images are created.

5. Qiwi

The next addition in this list of sites that help in wasting time on internet is Qiwi. It’s an online tool that helps in converting pictures and videos into brief movies. This tool can be used to create instant movies to wish someone or a very mini presentation to be delivered in a while.

6. Incredibox

incredibox- techohit

Next is Incredibox. A website that helps you in creating your own personalized music. Sitting and getting bored, go watch out for this site and create your own music. Here no one judges you, but rather provides you the best to nurture your talents.

This is not the complete list, we are updating for more. But I hope this list never lets u get bored and make your precious time spent on internet to be productive, entertaining and learning as well.If you want to add more Plugins, contact us. To get updated list of it please dont forget to subscribe us and Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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