Well there many ways to generate SEO leads but there are very few of them which can actually generate leads. I am trying to write down some of them which helps me to generate SEO leads so that I could earn.

  1. SEO Agency Analyzer:

    This is a wordpress plugin which after installing will turn your website into amazing SEO tool. Similar like many  other SEO tools like SEO site checkup, SEO detective, mysiteauditor  etc. All you need to install it and paste its code anywhere you want.seo-agency-analyzer-banner

  2. Fiverr:

    No, dont use to create GIG of SEO. But you can do more better than that. Create account on fiverr the make 2-4 gigs dedicating to SEO and marketing then make make friendship other people like SEO, web designer, logo designer etc. Share some part of your income with them per client and bingo… You may earn unlimited.


  3. SEO Resume:

    Simple way to earn SEO clients is to earn SEO related companies. Make a great SEO resume and send them to SEO companies via linkedin and such professional sites. Believe me you many have 1 big client after sending resume 10 time.




So I have written few techniques which are 100% working and has been tested by me. I hope you liked this. Please you have other techniques to grab SEO clients, let us know. I will share it with your name.

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