The world is all about traffic nowadays. Just a couple of years back this sentence would have actually made no sense at all. But today it is actually almost everything for any area too. There are scores of articles full of the 5 best ways to increase your traffic. Some do prove to be fruitful while others are nothing but an utter waste of time. Hence, if you are also looking for 5 best ways to increase your traffic then it is good you know the nature of your work beforehand too. It will help to have and utilize these 5 best ways to increase your traffic very effectively and efficiently as well. While there might be many ways but the 5 best ways to increase your traffic are given below. They obviously have a lot of advantages which is why they are important to be known now.

1. Get Reference:

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Referral is probably the most important step or the first step to increase traffic your way for your website. Make sure that you get a lot of referrals from other sites and famous names so you are redirected in the best possible way with lots of directions and leads coming your way. It is the speediest form for traffic through links of referrals.

2. Google Trends

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Advertising and getting social is the best way one can increase traffic. If you have something that is distinct, unique, trending, latest, and the most updated then you will surely be on top. There will be lots of traffic coming your way. This is all done through the simple source of Google Trends. They are the best way to know about them and use them in your website to get more visits.

3. Include forums in your website

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Forums are undoubtedly some of the very best ways to bring a lot of visits back and again to your website. Forums drive up a lot of hot discussions, queries, answers, advices, tool developments and knowledge. They also contain different ideas and opinions along with their experiences. People are always up on to following threads and joining forums to know more. This is why people returning or joining your forum will bring a lot of traffic for your website.

4. Create & sale an e-book for just 99 cents

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There are a lot of enthusiastic readers out there. They can do anything for their leisure and ultimate pleasure. If you create an e-book and then sell it on the most popular website of Amazon with very reasonable rates like just 99 cents, then that can bring a lot of people to you too. They will later look for the author and start following your website or refer it as well.

5. SEO Agency Analyzer

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This is a wordpress plugin which after installing will turn your website into amazing SEO tool. Similar like many  other SEO tools like SEO site checkup, SEO detective, mysiteauditor  etc. All you need to install it and paste its code anywhere you want. After getting it, you can pitch your client that you know how to do SEO because you have SEO tool also.

This is not the complete list, but the proven one. We are updating for more. Make sure you reap all the benefits by implementing all of these in your website well.If you guys want to add more websites, contact us. To get updated list of it please dont forget to subscribe us and Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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